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Pickleball Grand Finale at Asian Games, in Hebi China

International Pickleball Announcement

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Pickleball Takes Center Stage at the 2023 Asian Games in Dongyen, China

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World Pickleball Federation (WPF) Amazes Audience at Exclusive Exhibition in Beijing

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2023 Asia Games


October 15, 2023

World Pickleball Federation Extends Heartfelt Gratitude to Players, Sponsors, and Hosts of Historic 2023 Asian Games Exhibitions

The World Pickleball Federation (WPF) is profoundly thankful to the players, sponsors, and hosts who made the 2023 Asian Games exhibitions in China an unprecedented success. With deep appreciation, WPF acknowledges the remarkable contributions of the following players:

– Roos Van Reek (Netherlands): #1 Netherlands ladies player 

– Ludovica Sciaky (Italy): #1 Italian Ladies player 

– Jai Grewal (New Zealand): #1 New Zealand player

– Mike Newell (Australia): Top Australian player

– Emilia Schmidt (Australia): Top Australian ladies player 

– Oliver (Ollie) Gray (Australia): # 1 Australian Junior 

The WPF extends its heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors whose generous support made these exhibitions possible:


– Joola

– Pickleroll

– Pickleball United


– HealthOrigin

The success of the exhibitions was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the players, sponsors, and dedicated hosts in China. The first exhibition, held in Dongyen, welcomed a crowd of 900 spectators who witnessed the excitement of pickleball. The second exhibition, an exclusive event in Beijing’s Water Cube Arena, garnered attention from high-ranking government officials and dignitaries, marking a historic moment for the sport. The final exhibition in Hebi’s Olympic arena, where the Olympic Badminton competition took place, attracted an awe-struck audience of approximately 2000 spectators and reached 4.8 million viewers within the first hour of the national live broadcast, making it the most-watched live event in pickleball history.

The exhibitions showcased the all-inclusive nature of pickleball, with players of diverse ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate the sport. The enthusiastic participation of the spectators, many of whom joined the players on the court, reflected the universal appeal of pickleball and its ability to foster camaraderie.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to the players, sponsors, and hosts for their invaluable contributions to these exhibitions,” said Seymour Rifkind (Rif), President of WPF. “Your support has not only elevated the sport of pickleball but has also strengthened the bonds of friendship and sportsmanship between nations. We are truly grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm.”

The World Pickleball Federation looks forward to future collaborations and endeavors, uniting pickleball enthusiasts and fostering the spirit of sportsmanship across the globe.

About World Pickleball Federation (WPF)

The World Pickleball Federation (WPF) is the international governing body of pickleball and leading global organization dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of pickleball. With a mission to foster inclusivity, sportsmanship, and excellence, WPF organizes events, supports athletes, and spreads the joy of pickleball to enthusiasts worldwide.

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2022 World Maccabi Games

For Immediate Release

July 4, 2022

Pickleball is accepted as an exhibition sport at an IOC Sanctioned event, a major step towards Olympic acceptance.

Seymour Rifkind, (rif) President of WPF announced earlier this year that pickleball had been accepted as an exhibition sport at the 2022 World Maccabi Games. The World Maccabi Games is the 3rd largest international sporting event in the world. With over 10,000 athletes representing 85 countries in 45 sports only the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup are larger international sporting events.

Rif has assembled a great team of open and senior pros to participate in pickleball exhibitions which will coincide with the tennis competition. Four exhibitions are scheduled in Ramat Hasharon, Haifa, Jerusalem and Netania. Additionally, the team will perform exhibitions in the streets of Haifa and Jerusalem educating Israeli citizens why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States and inviting them on the courts to give pickleball a try.  

Our exhibition team members consist of:

Seymour Rifkind-President, WPF & IPTPA

Robert Quicksilver- Chairman of the Board, USA Pickleball

Jillian Braverman- CEO of DUPR, Open Pro Player

Megan Hall- Open Pro Player

Suzanne Leblang-Senior Pro Player

Brian Levine-Senior Pro Player

Scott Fliegelman-Senior Pro Player

As a young and growing sport, pickleball is going through some well documented growing pains. One objective that all organizations and companies can agree on is the desire to see pickleball in the Olympics. This has brought many of our leading organizations together. I’m pleased to announce the financial contributions made by USA Pickleball, IPTPA, and DUPR.  Additional donations were provided by Maccabi USA and senior pro Brian Levine. Thanks as well to Pickleball Rocks for supplying team apparel to help build team solidarity and recognition. Our team arrives in Israel July 14, for the opening ceremonies and over the next 10 days we’ll demonstrate to the international sporting community why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States while building memories that will last a lifetime.

If you would like to read our latest press release about World Pickleball Federation recognising Pickleball Global’s rankings and the World Pickleball Championships will be sanctioned by WPF, click on the visual below.  If you would like to see Pickleball Global’s Ranking click HERE: