World Pickleball Federation
Global Development Committee (WPF-GDC)

To realize its long-term vision and Olympic goals, the WPF board has appointed Mr. Allen Zeng as the Chairman of the Global Development Committee. This committee is the sole global executive body of the WPF and holds strategic importance for the rapid development of pickleball worldwide over the next five years. Mr. Zeng is currently leading the WPF team in the strategic design and execution of activities in China and around the world. The swift popularization and high-level competition of pickleball in China will provide valuable reference experiences and practical models for the sport's global development. This will play a crucial role in WPF's efforts to make pickleball an official Olympic event.

During the 2023 Asian Games, the WPF-GDC held world pickleball exhibition games in three cities in China, including the inauguration ceremony at the 2008 and 2022 Olympic "Water Cube" Stadium.

Allen Zeng
Chairman, WPF-GDC
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+86 13041266666