WPF & Pickleball Global Competition Structure

World Pickleball Federation is proud to sanction the Pickleball Global World Series and to outline a competition structure that is easy to understand and is linked to a global ranking.  Pickleball Global provide free to use software with flexibility on how you use it and even allows Tournament Directors to promote their events or back feed their results even if they don’t use the software for registration or managing their tournament – providing the ultimate flexibility! 

Competition structure has been divided into 5 tiers.  Tier 1 is intended to be at a local level in a country, Tier 2, regional level within a country, Tier 3 is country level, i.e the flagship events within a country.  Tier 4 is at the continent level and the top tier, tier 5 for world level tournaments, e.g. World Pickleball Games and World Pickleball Championships.  Each of the tiers attracts points for each game won and the best 12 results are used to calculate a players ranking.

The number of points awarded for wins depends on the skill level you play at and the tier level of the event. Bonus points are awarded for reaching the Finals of an event.

Introducing the World Series

If you want to maximise your global ranking, the most effective way to do that is to play at tournaments where the most competition will be – at the tier 4 and 5 tournaments.  Introducing the WPF Sanctioned World Series.