World Pickleball Day

World Pickleball Day 2023

We have refreshed the World Pickleball Day logo for 2023.  Can you spot the new landmarks that have been added? 

2023 World Pickleball Day Toolbox

2023 World Pickleball Day 2m x 1m Banner

2023 World Pickleball Day A4 Poster

Thank you to our initial World Pickleball Day Sponsors:

It is estimated that a total of $100,000 of equipment/value has been donated by the above companies.  We thank them.  WPF has also incurred costs to multiple countries to distribute the equipment.

About WPF

The World Pickleball Federation’s vision is to ignite the global excitement, inclusive nature and lifetime benefits of pickleball.   With the objective of raising awareness and establishing pickleball as a game that is played across the world and not just North America, we have created WORLD PICKLEBALL DAY.   Our goal is to celebrate the game worldwide as well as exposing the game to new prospect players and grow the number of players worldwide.