World Pickleball Day

Equipment Application Form

We have been talking to a number of paddle and ball manufacturers about donating equipment to help spread the game as part of World Pickleball Day.  

Further details of the donations we have received will be shared.  

In the meantime, If there is a need for equipment in order to start teaching pickleball at a school or to start a club, then the local federation should encourage the preparation of a request for equipment, covering all the information required in the World Pickleball Day Equipment Request Form.

If the local federation thinks that the cause is a good one with the right support in place, it can submit the equipment request form on behalf of the club/player indicating that they have endorsed it.

Any forms submitted directly by a player/club that did not get submitted by the local federation, will be sent by WPF to the local/regionalfederation for them to assess.

The Application Form can be found here.

About WPF

The World Pickleball Federation’s vision is to ignite the global excitement, inclusive nature and lifetime benefits of pickleball.   With the objective of raising awareness and establishing pickleball as a game that is played across the world and not just North America, we have created WORLD PICKLEBALL DAY.   Our goal is to celebrate the game worldwide as well as exposing the game to new prospect players and grow the number of players worldwide.