Road to the Olympics

2022 Pickleball is accepted as an official exhibition sport at the 3rd largest sporting event in the world, the Maccabi Games in Israel, an IOC sanctioned event.
2023/2024 Pickleball is accepted as an official sport at the Pan American Maccabi Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina Dec. 2023 – Jan. 2024.

When there's a will there's a way

WPF first recognized and awarded best players in the world in mens and ladies events (Singles & Doubles ) as well as Mixed doubles.

WPF 2018

WPF 2019


WPF was established in 2018 with the dedication to help the sport grow out of the backyards of players and achieve an international status it deserves. Even if the sport originated in the USA, other parts of the world needed support from an international body that could deliver.

What WPF has done in the past 5 years

WPF sponsored the first international junior only tournament in Mexico.
WPF sponsored the first English Open.

WPF sponsored the first tournament in Taiwan.

Supporting and providing assistance to countries that are trying to grow Pickleball is one of the most important initiatives:
WFP trademarked World Pickleball Day and had the first WPD on 10/10/2020. 
Created toolbox etc to help countries with tools to start a marketing campaign to help them grow.
Gave out over 100,000 USD in equipments to schools and new clubs.
Hosted several summits on different topics such as how to put together a federation compliant with IOC’s requirement and how to put on tournaments.
Then, Covid happened…

What about the Olympics?

Rif said it well in this video…

Some heart-felt words