Our Mission


To ignite the global excitement, inclusive nature and lifetime benefits of pickleball.


The mission of the WPF is to direct pickleball’s future as a globally recognized sport.

Provide effective organizational structure and leadership while raising the visibility of pickleball through major international competitions.

Govern the infrastructure of pickleball through coaching, equipment, rule improvements, refereeing, and event management. Manage the formula and announce the year end top pickleball players in the world.


  • Democracy
  • Integrity
  • Support
  • Collaboration
  • Relationships

Our Logo

The concept behind our logo is combining the form of the pickleball with olympic symbolism. The circles are reminiscent of the holes in a pickleball, and just like the rings in the olympic logo, represent the continents competing. The colors, combined with the white background, can come together to create the colors for every nation’s individual flag. The federation aims to represent pickleball players from every nation, culture and background.


1Encourage countries to join WPF through open communication, honesty and the willingness to assist each member country grow the game from within.
2Develop programs and promote the growth of pickleball worldwide.
3Work with stake holders to develop interscholastic pickleball programs at the high school and college levels.
4Secure corporate and individual commitments for the financial sponsorship of WPF competitions and the awarding of substantial prize money to the professional player.
5Develop the guidelines and formulas to announce and publish the WPF top ten pickleball players in the world.
6Review/revise existing rules and procedures, or establish new ones as may be necessary for the most effective playing, refereeing and growth of pickleball.
7Develop consistent specifications with tighter tolerances for all equipment used in the sport of pickleball.
8Design and develop user-friendly website and advertising materials for member countries.
9Ensure the development and implementation of standard teaching, training, coaching and certification techniques for pickleball, fashioned after and fully consistent with those established by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) or any other programs which in the future may acquire general and wide acceptance among pickleball players.
10Use our vast experience and networking capabilities to get pickleball included in a major international sporting event, with the ultimate objective of meeting IOC requirements and being included in a future Olympic Games.