Member Countries

Our objective from the start was to form a world governing body of pickleball that truly represented countries across the globe. We assembled  a board of directors with the experience, networking and resources to serve our member countries. In just over 2 years we have 32 countries representing 5 continents, a testament to the faith our global pickleball community has in our leadership team. WPF’s mission, statement of purpose, By Laws and objectives have all been clearly published. The board wishes to express our sincere thanks to the confidence our member countries have placed in us. We are dedicated to grow pickleball within each of our member countries and TOGETHER we will grow the game globally. On behalf of our leadership team, thank you.

Welcome to our newest member countries

We have received membership requests from some newer countries and have decided to recommend to the Board that we have 3 membership levels:

1. Probationary. 2. Affiliate. 3. Full

The rationale is that new countries, need help in developing their Associations, so we don’t want to exclude them from receiving our support but we also want to acknowledge that they don’t currently meet the requirements to be an affiliate or full member.  Once the Board has approved the proposal, we will share more about the different levels and confirm the membership levels of each of our country members.

The following four countries will have  Probationary level membership.


Links to our member country websites



South America

North America




Hong Kong



Chinese Taipei











Dominican Republic