About Us

World Pickleball Federation

Welcome to the World Pickleball Federation (WPF). The Federation has been organized to fuel the growth of pickleball worldwide by providing practical support and governance. WPF has been organized with 6 confederations representing the world continents. Each confederation possesses a better understanding of the unique challenges each country within their region is faced with. The WPF is committed to assisting member countries by providing resources such as: funding & revenue-building opportunities, access to IPTPA teacher training and rating assessments, software programs for clubs and tournaments, access to the best players in the world for exhibitions & player clinics.

Along with fueling the growth of pickleball worldwide, the WPF is committed to raising the awareness of our professional players. Publicity through major media outlets helps to build awareness to our sport. Recognizing and rewarding our pros is a key element to fueling the growth of pickleball. This requires sponsorships from companies outside of our sport. Financial institutions, hotels, airlines, etc. all are potential sponsors which can provide additional funding to assist the growth of our sport, while increasing the prize money for our pros at recognized WPF tournaments. Our board is comprised of business people that are passionate about pickleball while also possessing connections to board rooms of some of the largest companies in the world.

The WPF has taken the first step of what will become an annual end of year ranking of the best players in the world. We established a formula for 2018, that recognizes tier 1 and tier 2 tournaments for our professional players. Points were given based on the level of competition and the prize money awarded. A full explanation of our formula can be seen on our facebook page.

Moving forward we will be announcing our WPF Series of tournaments. This has a two-fold purpose: 1) assist our pros in planning which tournaments to attend based on prize money and points, 2) assist international tournaments with funding for prize money to attract pros and the tournament draw.

Photos to the right, are examples of our work prior to being officially organized. This June, we will depart for Australia, a founding member, for two weeks to provide exhibitions & clinics at major tennis centers in a three city tour with our top pros. IPTPA will provide player ratings, along with Level I and Level II certifications. In August, we’ll be providing similar programs in the UK, another founding member, just prior to the English Open. The WPF has been designed and organized to be a benefits-driven federation for our member countries. You’ll find us to be a governing body that is represented by leaders from around the world with the experience, knowledge and vision to make pickleball a globally recognized sport for both the recreational and professional player.

The WPF recognizes the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association, (IPTPA) as setting the world standard in providing teacher certification in the sport of Pickleball. IPTPA is the official education and certification partner of the WPF. https://iptpa.com/