2020 Year End World Rankings

2020 Year End World Rankings

World Pickleball Federation recognises Pickleball Global’s Rankings.

After reviewing the Global Pickleball Ranking platform, we are happy to recognize the Ranking as it is made up of results from different platforms and encompasses results from different tiers of tournaments including both professional tours.  WPF had previously used its own algorithm to determine the ranking of professional players.  

With many different software providers, you have many different ranking systems.  Each of the professional tours also have standings tables covering their tours.  Pickleball Global consolidates the results from many tournaments including the two Pro Tours and presents the top 12 results within the last 52 weeks, for each player to generate a final ranking at Global, Continent, Country and Provincial/State level. based on the GPR the WPC winners will be crowned the WORLD CHAMPIONS.

We have taken a snapshot of the Top 10 Rankings at the end of 2020.  It should be noted that due to Covid-19 there was a lack of consistency around which tournaments players attended.  The good thing with Pickleball Global’s ranking is that you can see how many events a player played in.

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